Story. We are wired for it. It shapes the way we think, learn and live.

Whether it's for newspapers, magazines, books, or corporations, story is an effective communications tool because we understand it innately. As children we first became acquainted with the structure of story through fairy tales and reading primers; as teens and adults we became familiar with it through film, television and Internet video. Virtually all of us recognize story and its power, but many of us need help using it to enhance our business or tell our corporate history. That's where I can help. Much of my career was spent in journalism, but my clients now include a home health care agency, a custom publisher, a national transportation corporation, a medical research non-profit, a business non-profit, and individual business people who want help crafting everything from bios to Web content. Why? Because they realize the power of using storytelling in their internal communications, as well as in defining corporate or public identities.